Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day Baby!

Happy Valentine's Day Baby!

I’m sorry about all this sneaking around, and having to meet up at strange times. But, you know that my family is still very important to me. If they knew… well, you know what I mean. It would break their hearts if they knew how I felt about you. Anyway, I’m writing to you now just to make sure you know how I really feel. Forgive me if this all sounds a bit emotional, but I’m only human.

I love you. It’s true, and I want you to know that. So, here follows my justification for why you should believe it.

As we get older, growing together, I continue to learn about you and, in your light, about myself. Even in those times when I only saw you from afar, I knew it was meant to be. Even when you taunted me with your exotic turns of phrase, I knew it was love. Your influence over my thoughts was inescapable, as if I had no free will.

I'm so glad I caught you in the end. Now we can influence each other. I have already noticed that we are starting to think alike. Sometimes I can predict your objections. Occasionally we seem to meld into a sublime synthesis. We even talk alike. We’re playing the same language game.

Now we’re together, our influence on each other will grow. I'm looking forward to it. At the very least we will be better able to appreciate a fuller view of what is and what might be. But, I expect we'll receive so much more from our lives together.

We are building a deep, secure, and thoroughly loving connection. Through this connection, I feel safe while you envelop me, drawing me into your enigmatic depths. At your core is a most profound beauty, moral virtue, and unrelentingly logical view of the world. Tears well in my eyes as I envisage the many years we'll share. I want to be influenced by you. I want to share with you, and be a part of you.

In fact, I fantasize of perfectly merging with you, and then everything, so we can become the blobject. I know a part of you doesn’t believe in the blobject, but it would be perfect! And, since existence is an aspect of perfection, I know the blobject exists.

I know it hasn’t always been easy between us. We may have taken each other for granted from time to time. We have irritated each other, and we will irritate each other. You can be cold and overly rational. And I can be silly, holding on to my intuitions more tightly than the evidence reasonably permits. But, we will also love each other. You will fascinate and inspire me. You will continue to be the object of my intellectual desire and the number one reason for me to come into work every day.

Philosophy, my love, you complete me.


  1. That was silly, amusing and embarrassing all in one for me. I cheated and read the punchline first, though. If I hadn't read the punchline first, it probably would have been funnier and not as embarrassing to read through since I wouldn't be aware you're treating philosophy like it's a person. Good one!

  2. Or, in Randy's case, the love of the love of wisdom.

    1. Haha, exactly. It's actually not too silly, I suppose, to love a human behavior.

  3. I admit to posting it, but not to penning it

  4. Like, like, like! This reminded me a bit of Boethius. I love how unprofessional this is, old school, "I do this because it love it" approach to philosophy, a kind of being with and in, not merely doing and being done to. Cheers to the pen which crafted the ode for all our enjoyment and reminder of what could be.

  5. Yes, I am the "penner". I hope the leaking of this message is not detrimental to the climate in the department. Now that all this is out in the open, my family and I are working through it. In fact, my family are being very accepting. So, it looks like I may be able to have my thoughts and think them too, if you know what I mean. :)